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July 5, 2016 under News

23 June 2016 8:45 AM, EDT

Mind games can be stealthy weapons. Perhaps no one knows this better than Eric Maddox.

Today, Maddox is as an independent business consultant. But more than a decade ago, he was the U.S. Army interrogator who used mind games to find the most sought after fugitive of the Iraq War — Saddam Hussein.

In 2003, U.S. forces had invaded Iraq. Saddam was on the run and nowhere to be found. The Army was looking for an interrogator with intelligence experience to join a special team ordered to find the former Iraqi dictator.

Because the Army had trained Maddox as an intelligence linguist and interrogator, he was tapped for the mission. His team detained and questioned Iraqis as it looked for clues about Saddam’s whereabouts.

If you think interrogation is about violence or torture, Maddox said, you’re wrong. Sometimes it involves negotiations. »

– Thom Patterson, CNN

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War Hero Thrilled To Be Played By Robert Pattinson

October 1, 2012 under News

The war hero Robert Pattinson will portray in new movie Mission: Blacklist has given the Twilight star the thumbs up to play him after spending 14 hours with the Brit.

In the new movie, which chronicles the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Pattinson will play real-life military interrogator Eric Maddox, who wrote the book that inspired the film project.


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Robert Pattinson to play military interrogator in “Mission Blacklist”

June 18, 2012 under News

(CBS News) Robert Pattinson has been cast in “Mission: Blacklist,” a true-life story about Eric Maddox, the military interrogator who helped capture Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Pictures: Robert Pattinson

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 25-year-old actor will portray Maddox in the psychological thriller that will detail the inside story of the search for Hussein.

“Band of Brothers” writer/producer Erik Jendresen wrote the screenplay based on Maddox’s 2008 book, “Mission: Black List #1: The Inside Story of the Search for Saddam Hussein — As Told by the Soldier Who Masterminded His Capture.”

– Lauren Moraski

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Robert Pattinson Not Finnick Odair/Catching Fire: Garrett Hedlund?

June 18, 2012 under News

29 May 2012 7:01 PM, PDT

Robert Pattinson will not play Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games‘ sequel Catching Fire. The source for the rumor was an “exclusive” at the website Think McFly Think, which claimed that Lionsgate was after Pattinson for the role. The actor himself, however, has said it’s not true, he was never offered the Catching Fire role, and there’s no chance he would be offered it, either. “I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in The Hunger Games,” Pattinson, while at the Cannes Film Festival, told USA Today. “I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent. … My agent was like, ‘No,’ … no one’s going to offer you that part.” Robert Pattinson as Finnick Odair: Rumor source The were probably a couple of reasons for the rumor: Francis Lawrence will be directing Catching Fire and Lionsgate has absorbed Summit Entertainment. »

– Andre Soares

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Robert Pattinson/David Cronenberg Maps To The Stars?

June 18, 2012 under News

24 May 2012 5:41 PM, PDT

Maps to the Stars for Robert Pattinson / David Cronenberg? Above, Pattinson in Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (Paul Giamatti in background)Robert Pattinson hates Twilight, according to those who have taken seriously his (jokingly) dismissive take on the movie series that has made him world famous. Anyhow, whatever his feelings in regard to The Twilight Saga, Pattinson surely doesn’t hate David Cronenberg. Hence, theCosmopolis star and director are to work together on another movie project. That appears to be Maps to the Stars. During an interview for Metro, Robert Pattinson said that last week his agent asked if he’d like to appear in Cronenberg’s next film project. “I said yes without thinking!” Pattinson laughingly remarked. Later on, Pattinson explained that he doesn’t know “when exactly we’re going to shoot. But it’ll be David’s first movie shot on American soil. In Los Angeles, to be exact. »

– Zac Gille

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Robert Pattinson Eyes Iraq’s Deadliest in ‘Mission: Blacklist’ Poster

June 18, 2012 under News

14 May 2012 5:21 AM, PDT

Just recently we learned that Robert Pattinson was gearing up for a stint in Iraq. The actor isn’t stepping away from acting to join the military (don’t worry, ladies), but he will be taking post in Mission: Blacklist, a military thriller based on a book by military interrogator Eric Maddox withDavin Seay which chronicles the inside story of the search for Saddam Hussein from the point of view of Maddox himself who spearheaded his capture. Pattinson is playing Maddox himself, and since the film still needs to be sold at Cannes, a promo poster with Pattinson’s dreamy eyes and a list of Iraq’s most wanted has just surfaced. Here’s the promo poster for Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire‘s Mission: Blacklist from MTV: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, who had his film Johnny Mad Dog premiere at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and won the Prize of Hope, will direct the adaptation of Mission: Blacklist, which »

– Ethan Anderton

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Teaser Poster For Pattinson’s ‘Mission: Blacklist’

June 18, 2012 under News

13 May 2012 9:04 AM, PDT

Less than a fortnight ago, Thn brought you news that Twilight Saga pin-up Robert Pattinson had signed up for duty on military-thriller Mission: Blacklist. Now, before shooting has even begun, we have a teaser poster from the upcoming movie, set to detail the hunt for Saddam Hussein.

Pattinson will take the role of Eric Maddox, the man who led the mission that eventually located the notorious Iraqi leader. That, in turn, led to his capture, trial, and ultimately his death sentence. The film, to be directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, is based on the novel Mission: Black List #1: The Inside Story of the Search for Saddam Hussein — As Told by the Soldier Who Masterminded His Capture. Band Of Brothersscreenwriter Erik Jendresen has adapted the source material.

Source: Worstpreviews

– Craig Hunter

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Robert Pattinson Eyes: Mission: Blacklist Poster

June 18, 2012 under News

12 May 2012 3:05 PM, PDT

He’s got Robert Pattinson’s eyes: Mission: Blacklist poster Robert Pattinson was officially cast in Mission: Blacklist, as American military interrogator Eric Maddox, about ten days or so ago. Producing company Embankment Films isn’t wasting any time. The sales poster forMission: Blacklist, which will be peddled at the Cannes Film Festival, has been making the rounds online for several days. “In a World of Lies Only One Man Could See the Truth.” That man was apparently Pattinson’s Maddox, who claimed to have eschewed torture while trying to figure out the whereabouts of fallen Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The brief Mission: Blacklist plot synopsis reads as follows: Unlike other Interrogators fresh out of training, Eric Maddox (Robert Pattinson) has a brilliant and beautiful mind. He has a unique ability to decipher highly complex patterns from seemingly random events. His mission is to trap the world’s most wanted man, »

– Zac Gille

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Look Into His Eyes: Promo Poster For Robert Pattinson’s Saddam Hussein Movie ‘Mission: Blacklist’

June 18, 2012 under News

11 May 2012 3:04 PM, PDT

With a role in David Cronenberg‘s upcoming freak fest “Cosmopolis,” Robert Pattinson continues to take on parts that…well, that are as far away from Edward in the “Twilight” movies as possible. And so to that end, last week he signed up to star in the thriller “Mission: Blacklist,” and in case you missed the news, he’ll be the guy hunting down Saddam Hussein.

With the Cannes Film Festival around the corner, the producers are gonna have to start selling this thing, so they’ve banged out a sales poster that feels like something that was made for a movie that was just announced last week. Featuring a hypnotic closeup on Pattinson’s eyes (Squeeeeee!), the one sheet boasts a pretty generic tagline and not much else, though the weird design makes it seem like Saddam Hussein is a co-star. Based on the book “Mission: Blacklist #1,” the psychological thriller will be »

– Kevin Jagernauth

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Robert Pattinson’s ‘Mission: Blacklist’: First Look At Promo Poster!

June 18, 2012 under News

11 May 2012 2:29 PM, PDT

If you’ve been following movies anytime since 2008, then you’re probably acutely aware of what Robert Pattinson‘s eyes look like—especially if you’re a frequent shopper at Walmart. Well, guess what? They’re back.

The promotional poster for “Mission: Blacklist” was released by Embankment Films. The image casts a shadow around Pattinson’s face only revealing his glowing peepers. The tagline for the film stands out in white among an assortment of letters and reads, “In a world of lies, only one man can see the truth.” Standing out towards the bottom of the poster is the name Saddam Hussein.

– Fallon Prinzivalli

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